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We need your help to produce our true-crime / horror film!

Toy Box is based on a true story that took place in Elephant Butte, New Mexico between 1996 and 1999. The story shines a different light on the way a sexual sadist / serial killer goes about his days and what he normally does to keep the normalcy in the eyes of his friends and neighbors, yet have one of the darkest and horrifying secrets known to mankind. At the same time, we focus on the perspective of a couple of victims and their will to survive this terrifying fate.

The film will be presented in a true one-shot-take that will go through the span of 3 years. No CGI, no editing tricks. We are currently in the pre-production stage and need your help to raise funds to enter into production by Spring of 2018!

Below are some options and rewards we offer for your donations!

Special Thanks Credit - $5

A Special Thanks on IMDb and Facebook for your awesome support of our film.

DVD and Digital Copy - $15

Receive a DVD copy of our movie PLUS a free digital download.

Signed Poster - $25

Receive a signed poster from the film (size 18x24), signed by the director of the movie PLUS a DVD copy and digital download! (and every reward before this)

Signed Screenplay - $50

Receive a copy of the screenplay for Toy Box signed by writer, director Navid Sanati PLUS a DVD copy of the film and digital download! (and every reward before this)

Business Logo in Front of the movie! - $250

Business owners, your business logo will play in front of our movie at all U.S. screenings starting March. 25th 2018 and on our digital copy and Amazon DVD release. (and every reward before this)

Have a cameo in the movie! - $500

We have plenty of roles to fulfill in the film. Anywhere from a one-liner to just back ground (your choice) is available. (and every reward before this)

Executive Producer credit! - $1000

Become and executive producer of our film and get IMDB and movie credit! (and every reward before this)