Toy Box is based on a true story that took place in Elephant Butte, New Mexico between 1996 and 1999. The story shines a different light on the way a sexual sadist / serial killer goes about his days and what he normally does to keep the normalcy in the eyes of his friends and neighbors, yet have one of the darkest and horrifying secrets known to mankind. At the same time, we focus on the perspective of a couple of victims and their will to survive this terrifying fate.

The film will be presented in a true one-shot-take that will go through the span of 3 years. No CGI, no editing tricks. We are currently in the pre-production stage and need your help to raise funds to enter into production by Winter of 2018!

Our film is currently in pre-production.


Earlier this year, we produced our second feature film, Don’t Come Around Here in Bogue Chitto, a small town in Mississippi. The movie was premiered at the Oxford Film Festival and won Best Mississippi Feature Film!

This movie is the story of two brothers, one who stayed “around here” and one who didn’t. That one comes home when his father gets sick and it might be the kind he doesn’t recover from. Back in the place he grew up in, Chuck (played by Jordan Salloum) must face all the haunting memories from his past and the ghosts of the present.

An amazing cast of actors from Mississippi and Louisiana brings our movie to life. Joining Salloum are Jeremy Sande (who played in Deepwater Horizon), Kelly Murtagh, Sherri Eakin, Cotton Yancey, Creek Wilson and Michael Rayborn in his debut performance.

On the screen you will see the talents of blossoming cinematographer Jared Kovacs and you will hear the music of John Paul Dove, songs whose melodies will stay with you for days.


We shot this experimental film at the beginning of 2016. We shot it in 4 days and on a green screen with three people sitting and talking directly to the audience.

An example of direct address cinema involving a man and two sisters with whom he has a complicated romantic relationship.


Bride of Violence is a new horror/thriller from Running Wild Films, based on a short story by Lawrence Block. It was produced, script supervised and edited by Navid Sanati our founder.


Ann Margaret, Patsy Lynn and Jenny Rose are not unlike most Southern women. They attend church on Sundays in their respective denominations, enjoy making and consuming a good Southern meal with sweet tea of course and… they have a little porch-sitting gossip circle.

But when Jimmy Preston, an eccentric in their small town, disappears and a new stranger in town named Paul West is the main suspect, the women turn from rumors to sleuthing to solve the mystery. In a journey that leads them from haunted mansions to the backwoods of Mississippi, these ladies have the time of their lives in this comedic murder-mystery, Porches and Private Eyes.

Porches and Private Eyes, a feature film from Running Wild Films and 5J Media, was produced, script supervised and edited by Navid Sanati in the Spring of 2016 and shot entirely in Brookhaven, MS.


Tom Sizemore plays Jack Durant, a dynamic and dangerous gentleman who runs the most famous steakhouse in the city. He caters to movie stars, politicians and mobsters. He knows all their secrets but does anyone really know the man they call Jack Durant?

It was produced by Running Wild Films & 5J Media, production coordinated (and unaccredited co-producer) by Navid Sanati.