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Navid Sanati

Since beginning his journey in 2007 with Tombstone Limited, Navid has demonstrated an exceptional trajectory of growth and innovation. He evolved from his initial role as a camera assistant to become an instrumental member of production teams, taking on responsibilities as a Production Coordinator and Co-Producer. His notable work on “Durant’s Never Closes,” featuring talents like Tom Sizemore, Peter Bogdanovich, Jon Gries, and Michelle Stafford, highlights his capability in managing complex projects and collaborating with high-profile talent.

Navid’s expertise in storytelling and production further shone in his role as editor and producer of the feature film “Room 9.” Starring Michael Berryman, Kane Hodder, and Scout Taylor Compton, the film’s successful acquisition of a distribution deal with Lionsgate & Grindstone Entertainment underscores his knack for creating compelling content that resonates with audiences and industry giants alike.

However, it was his deep dive into the world of gaming, notably his extensive engagement with “Red Dead Redemption 2”, that sparked a pivotal shift in his career. This immersive experience opened his eyes to the vast potential of interactive storytelling and the dynamic future it holds.

Now, as Navid transitions into the gaming industry, his rich background in film production, combined with his newfound passion for interactive narratives, positions him uniquely to pioneer new frontiers in VR gaming. With a vision to meld the art of cinema with the interactivity of gaming, Navid is set to redefine the boundaries of immersive storytelling, starting with the groundbreaking project, “The Maze.”

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create powerful movies/shows.

Step By Step Pictures is a film production company dedicated to developing international
films produced in the U.S.

Navid Sanati founded the company in August of 2016 with the vision to
build a motion picture company that tells human stories and their journey in life by focusing
on character based films that affect the masses and are commercially successful.

From the beginning, we set a standard of making movies at a fast pace with small budgets,
while focusing on good storytelling.